Accent copy

Accent copy typically accompanies other renderings, providing short supplementary copy and links or nonessential user direction. As it is often completely supplementary, this rendering may be hidden on small glass if desired.

What's included in this rendering?

Component overview

A: Script copy


Script copy is used to add visual interest and catch a user’s attention. Due to potential issues with readability, this copy should only be used to style fairly nonessential information. For more information on styling, please review the associated script typography standards (link opens in new window).

Script Sample

B: Body copy


The body copy can either supply information that supplements the script copy or supplant the script copy entirely if (A) is omitted. For more information on styling, please review  body copy (link opens in new window) standards.

Body copy lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore.

F: Call(s) to action


Any call to action style may accompany the accent copy if necessary, including both links (link opens in new window) and buttons (link opens in new window).

D: Arrow indicator


An arrow indicator may be added before or after accent copy to point to the rendering it supplements. Please consider placement of this arrow carefully to ensure that it will align correctly in small glass as well. Visit the icons (link opens in new window) section for more information about arrow styling.

How can I use this rendering?

Sample Configurations

SAMPLE 1: Arrow with script accent

Need help choosing?

SAMPLE 2: Script accent, body copy with tertiary CTA

Sample two

Lorem Ipsum

SAMPLE 3: Script accent with primary CTA

Eligible for Medicare?