The alert rendering is intended to highlight critical information for members and other users.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview

A: Alert icon


A standard  alert icon (link opens in new window) may precede the alert to add greater visibility.

B: Alert


This component contains the main content of the alert in 16px dark gray (link opens in new window) FS Humana. Inline links (link opens in new window) may also be used to direct the user to more information.

C: Background


The alert may be further emphasized with a background. Options include an expansive light gray (link opens in new window) background and a pattern (link opens in new window) background.

How Can I Use This Rendering?

Sample Configurations

SAMPLE 1: Alert with icon and pattern background

Alert lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod.

SAMPLE 2: Alert with no icon and expansive gray background