Content block

The content block is a highly flexible rendering that can be used independently or in conjunction with other renderings that accommodate overlaid sublayouts. It is the main means by which content is conveyed.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview

A: Background


The background for a content block is used to either highlight specific content or to alleviate color contrast issues when text appears over an image or dark color. Options for styling include a standard light gray gradient (link opens in new window) life block (link opens in new window) shape or a 95% opaque white life block.

B: Life block headline


The life block headline adds emphasis to a headline above and beyond that which is offered by the standard headline (C). Its styling employs the standard Humana green gradient (link opens in new window) and a life block (link opens in new window) shape. Content is white, sized 24/30px FS Humana Regular (24/30 for MG, 22/28 for SG).

Life block headline

C: Headline


The headline introduces a content block. It may be omitted if the life block headline supplants it as the main headline. View heading styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

H1 headline style

H2 headline style

H3 headline style

H4 headline style

D: Subheadline


The subheadline supplements a headline with additional content. Generally, it should not be used without an accompanying headline. View subheading styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

S1 subheadline style

E: Body copy


Body copy presents the main content of the content block. Very rarely, a headline or subheadline alone may accomplish this independently, in which case this may be omitted. View  body copy styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

Body copy lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore.

  • Et dolore magna aliqua
  • Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud
  • Exercitation cullamco laboris

F: Call(s) to action


Calls to action direct users to new pages containing more detailed content related to content block they accompany. Multiple calls to action may be used together if necessary; however, only one primary button should be employed per page. View button styles (link opens in new window) and link styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

Additional information

Internal division of components C-F is possible for up to four equally sized columns. Each column will be further separated by a 1px vertical gray rule. Columns will stack in small glass. See sample rendering 3 below for a live example.

How Can I Use This Rendering?

Sample Configurations

SAMPLE 1: Content block with h1, s1, body copy, and primary button

Doctors & hospitals

Stay on top of it all
Provide the best possible patient care, process claims quickly and efficiently, and effectively manage key parts of your practice with resources from Humana.
SAMPLE 2: Content block with h3, body copy, gradient life block background, and primary link

Individuals & families

Make a difference by helping individuals and families find the products that fit their lifestyle and budget.

SAMPLE 3: Content block with life block heading, two-column split, h3, s1, body copy, gradient life block background, and primary link

Choose your business size

Small business

2-99 employees
With a focus on well-being, your small business could benefit from a dose of Humana.

Large group

100+ employees
Get information about the services available to your large business through Humana.

SAMPLE 4: Content block with translucent life block background, h3, body copy and tertiary link on a full-width background with image
Note: The image is expansive background. It is not part of this rendering but is used here to demonstrate correct usage of this background component.

Business associates in a meeting

Being healthy has its rewards

From choosing the stairs over the escalator to snacking on carrots instead of chips, little decisions can make a big difference to your overall health. And with HumanaVitality®, you can collect points for everyday healthy behaviors — and earn great rewards along the way.