The footer closes most pages with a reiteration of select important links from the header, links to legal or compliance information, social media information, and any required disclaimers or filing numbers for the page. For more information about this rendering's styles, see the Footer page(link opens in new window) in Responsive Web section of the Humana Digital Style Guide.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview



A: Logo


A small logo with a maximum width of 130px can be uploaded into this space. The logo should be a white PNG-24 with background transparency. The logo may also act as a link, with the standard interaction being that it link back to the homepage or landing page or, more specifically, the same location as the logo in the header. This element is dropped on small glass as it reiterates header functionality.

B: Additional information


The additional information section provides a space for quick closing commentary, often a call to action intended for users who did not find their desired information in-page. As such, it frequently either links to detailed contact information or provides a phone number. This component is styled with relevant body copy and link (link opens in new window) styles.

C: Important links


Important links reiterate key pages from the header and associated mega menu. There are two layout options available: Single row and Multi-column. These links display in unique white versions of standard body copy (link opens in new window) styles.

D: Copyright and legal


Copyright and legal contains the year of copyright for the page and links to any relevant pages containing legally required information or accessibility resources. Though part of this component includes a set of links, it uses a unique regular white version of standard body copy styles.

E: Social media


The social media section includes direct links to various social media outlets. For more information on visual styling, visit the icons (link opens in new window) page.

F: Disclaimer


A disclaimer may be added to a page if legally required. If the information in this disclaimer exceeds six lines, an expand & collapse rendering may be used to hide some of the content, though legal and compliance must be consulted regarding what portions of the text may be hidden. Styling uses a white reversed version of the body copy.

G: Filing number

Required if filed.

If a page is filed, this component must be included. It may be omitted if it is not. Styling uses a white reversed version of the body copy.

How Can I Use This Rendering?