The header stands as a lead-in element on every page, containing important links and tools that establish a consistent navigational experience throughout the entire site. For more information about this rendering's styles, see the Header page (link opens in new window) in Responsive Web section of the Humana Digital Style Guide.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview



A: Logo


A custom logo with a maximum width of 220px can be uploaded into this space. The logo should be a PNG-24 with background transparency. The logo may also act as a link, with the standard interaction being that it link back to the homepage or landing page from which the primary navigation links are derived. For guidance on Logo usage refer to the Brand System Usage Standards.

B: Macro navigation


The macro navigation represents navigation one level higher than that of the primary navigation (E). For more information on appropriate use, visit the audience navigation (link opens in new window) page.

C: Utility navigation


The utility navigation gives users quick access to important tools or high-traffic pages that need greater visibility. For more information on appropriate use, visit the utility navigation (link opens in new window) page.

NOTE: If utility navigation is not required, this component can be replaced by a basic text field to hold standard tertiary links (link opens in new window), phone numbers, address information, etc.

D: Site search


The site search is a consistently-sized input field that searches within a library. The magnifying icon acts like a submit button which should load the search results page (link opens in new window).

E: Primary navigation


The primary navigation contains the most important links on the page, typically the immediate child pages of the homepage or landing page. For more information on appropriate use, visit the primary navigation (link opens in new window) page.

F: Member login


This area contains the member login tray rendering. This is currently a tools rendering.