Link List

The link list allows for a collection of related links or resources to be grouped together in a concise, scannable unit.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview

A: Background


The background for a link list is used to either highlight specific content or to alleviate color contrast issues when the list appears over an image or dark color. The sole option for styling is a standard light gray gradient (link opens in new window)-life block (link opens in new window) shape.

B: Life block headline


The life block headline adds emphasis to a headline above and beyond that which is offered by the standard headline/subheadline (C). Its styling employs the standard Humana green gradient (link opens in new window) and a life block (link opens in new window) shape. Content is white, sized 24/30px FS Humana Regular on all glass sizes.

C: Headline and subheadline


The headline and subheadline introduce the link list. They may be omitted if the life block headline supplants them as the main headline. View heading and subheading styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

H1 headline style

H2 headline style

H3 headline style

H4 headline style

D: Link list


The list contains the series of links that are the chief focus of this rendering. View link list styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

E: Call(s) to action


Calls to action direct users to new pages containing more detailed content related to the link list they accompany. For this rendering, it often takes the form of a “View all” link. Multiple calls to action may be used together if necessary; however, only one primary button should be employed per page. View button styles (link opens in new window) and link styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

How Can I Use This Rendering?

Sample configurations

SAMPLE 1: Link list with life block heading, list, and closing CTA
SAMPLE 2: Basic link list with headline