The promos rendering presents quick, attractive links to related pages, tools or promotions. Ideally, promo content is relevant to the page in which it appears.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview

A: Image


Promos images typically fall under two categories – narrow (230x130px) and wide (390x130px), depending on the number of columns they occupy on the grid. The image provides a visual counterpart to the content that follows but must fall within Humana’s photography standards. For more information on image standards for promos, visit the photography (link opens in new window) page.

B: Headline


The headline introduces the promos body copy. Only the h4 style is used for this rendering. View heading styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

H1 headline style

H2 headline style

H3 headline style

H4 headline style

C: Body copy


Body copy presents detailed teaser copy for the promos. Sometimes, the headline alone will sufficiently describe the promos, in which case this may be omitted. This copy should be concise and not exceed a sentence or two. View  body copy styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

Body copy lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore.

  • Et dolore magna aliqua
  • Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud
  • Exercitation cullamco laboris

D: Call(s) to action


Calls to action direct users to new pages containing more detailed content related to content block they accompany. Multiple calls to action may be used together if necessary, or they may be omitted entirely if the text conveys the entire promotional message. View link styles (link opens in new window) for all glass sizes.

How Can I Use This Rendering?

Sample configurations

SAMPLE 1: Narrow promos with headline, body copy, and primary link

Partner with Humana

Open your doors to an array of new patients.

Join today

SAMPLE 2: Wide promos with headline and tertiary link

Creative thinkers wanted

Contact Humana Innovation