The testimonial rendering is a specialized content block that provides an attractive presentation for a testimonial or pull quote.

What's Included In This Rendering?

Component overview

A: Quotation


The quotation presents directly quoted copy in 24px white FS Humana regular on all glass sizes. It is always bounded by quotation marks and is always presented over a Humana green life block shape with a tail in the lower left. For more information on relevant styles, visit the color palette(link opens in new window), life block(link opens in new window), and font pages(link opens in new window).

B: Attribution


The attribution details the quoted individual in 16px dark gray FS Humana regular on all glass sizes (name may be bolded if additional information is provided as a means of separation). If it is a pull quote or anonymous testimonial, the attribution may be omitted. For more information on styles,visit the color palette (link opens in new window), and font pages (link opens in new window).

How Can I Use This Rendering?

Sample configurations

SAMPLE 1: Testimonial with attribution

"My patients appreciate that I can always find the right answer-and I couldn't do it without my Humana page."

Phil Ratliff, Pharmacist Libertyville, Illinois
SAMPLE 2: Pull quote with no attribution

"From choosing the stairs over the escalator to snacking on carrots instead of chips, little decisions can make big difference."